Since 1957 we are the company with the longest trajectory in the pilotage of the “Rio de la Plata” river.

With effective commands in different types of vessels of size, 47 capable, professional and experienced overseas captains navigate safely through our river.

At the service of our clients and the protection of our river

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Fulfilling an essential role for the safety of navigation. The pilot is an advisor of the captain in the navigation, maneuver and regulations and has a great experience in the driving of all kinds of vessels, in addition to an integral knowledge of the area which he performs.

We work every day to provide a quality service, efficiently resolving the needs of our clients, investing in technology for a better communication and committing ourselves actively to the community of which we are part of.

Ships Boats

Pilots ship “CARRASCO II”

Built with the highest safety standards, it has a wide ability and has capacity for 10 seats. It is equipped with advanced navigation systems, powerful motorization and qualified crew, and prepared so that in each maneuver both the pilot and the ship feel safe and protected.

Boarding Points


Recalada pilot station: VHF CH. 77
email: pilotstation@adinet.com.uy

Common zone: VHF CH. 77 / CH. 09 / CH. 12
email: operaciones@ripla.com.ar

Service of consultations

Advice on navigation, maneuver and regulation for all types of vessels in the “Rio de la Plata” area
email: operaciones@ripla.com.ar
Tel: (011) 5276-6760

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Safe transport built with the highest quality standards

With a cabin that has wide visibility and habitability, the Carrasco II has a modern and air-conditioned room with capacity for 10 seats with storage space.

Equipped with advanced navigation systems together with its qualified crew, it is prepared so that in each maneuver the pilot and the client ship feel safe and protected.

Since 1957 we are the company with the longest trajectory in the pilotage of the “Rio de la Plata” river.

47 Overseas captains with effective commands on different types of porter.

Capacity and experience, so that any type of vessel safely navigates through the waters of our river.

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“In good weather, there is no shortage of pilots”

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