About Us

Since 1957, our Company is the longest standing pilotage provider over the River Plate.

Our 50 overseas captains, highly competent in piloting different types of vessels (i.e. VLCC & ULCV) with 12 years averaged experience, make our service stand out and give total safeness and security to any vessel sailing through our river.

Other fellow captains coming from nearby areas enlarge this roster when eventually needed to cover high demands from Buenos Aires Port, Paraná River and its ports.

We are very proud of everything we have achieved along the way, yet we keep working hard to improve ourselves and develop new projects, that aim to continue providing the best quality service for our customers and to protect the navigation along our river.

Proficiency and experience, for any vessel safely navigate our river.

Our Offices

Buenos Aires Plaza Building

Manuela Sáez 323, Floor 6, Off. 605, C. A. B. A.
Tel. 5276-6760 / Fax:5276-6764

Our Clients

Since 1997, our company is the only one on River Plate that meets the required standards for a permanent member of the International Maritime Pilot Association (IMPA)


Our company is committed to a continual improvement process, while working specifically on the provision of service, customer satisfaction and exceeding their expectations, by monitoring the best procedures within the maritime industry. As a result, we reached the ISO 9001:2015 certification, endorsed by an entity of such outstanding prestige.

Additionally, we have the Certification from Prefectura Naval Argentina of Management Standard for navigation safety and pollution prevention on pilotage service provision (OM 08/03).

Since 1997, our company is the only one on River Plate that meets the required standards for a permanent member of the International Maritime Pilot Association (IMPA). Moreover, since 2006, we take actively part in Congresses and Forums hosted by this distinguished Association, in order to keep our pilots updated and reach the high levels of training.

Practicaje Río de la Plata C.T.L.

Our Team of Pilots

We are a team of 50 overseas captains with ample dedication and commitment in our task taking care of our clients and our river.

Cap. ALIANI, Pablo
Cap. AMATO, Pablo
Cap. AMAYA, Osvaldo
Cap. BARBONI, Julián
Cap. BLANCO, Eduardo
Cap. BASILE, Ricardo
Cap. BOYER, Arturo
Cap. BUGATTO, Alejandro
Cap. CAAMAÑO, Juan
Cap. CAMARERO, Matías
Cap. CANEDO, Roberto
Cap. CELIENTO, Mariano
Cap. CERRUDO, Daniel
Cap. COLLI, Fernando
Cap. ELBEN, Adolfo
Cap. FERREYRA, Javier
Cap. FONTANA, Héctor
Cap. GALASSI, Eduardo
Cap. GALIANO, Ricardo
Cap. GARCÍA, Ramón
Cap. GAUTO, Adolfo
Cap. GRILLO, José
Cap. JUNGHANNS, Eduardo
Cap. LARRORY, Marcos
Cap. LAVANDEIRA, Sebastián
Cap. LOPEZ, Alejandro
Cap. MAMEDE, Rodrigo
Cap. MARCONE, Jorge
Cap. MARTÍNEZ, Héctor
Cap. MATOSKA, Pablo
Cap. MC INNES, Ricardo
Cap. MEZA, Luis
Cap. MOLINA, Carlos
Cap. MUTTO, Gustavo
Cap. OLIVA, Marcelo
Cap. OLIVEAU, Eduardo
Cap. OZÁN, Adrián
Cap. PINEDA, Pablo
Cap. PODESTA, Juan
Cap. POODTS, Carlos
Cap. POODTS, Sergio
Cap. PRETO, Fernando
Cap. RAIMONDI, Matias
Cap. RODRÍGUEZ, Ezequiel
Cap. VUOTTO, Carlos